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No smoking signs
Stub out smoking at your premises.

There are many reasons you might not allow smoking on your premises: smoke can leave a stubborn odor that is difficult if not impossible to erase, it’s harmful to passersby, and in certain states and facilities it is simply illegal. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) federally mandates signage in regards to replicas relojes posting non-smoking signs, and the burden falls on a facility to adhere to these regulations.

No smoking signs help make sure that sensitive individuals are protected from allergens, and no one is unwittingly exposed to known carcinogens. Not only is it in compliance with the law, non-smoking signage replicas de relojes is also a matter of courtesy and good business practice. It also may save employers and property owners from confrontations that occur because of ambiguous smoking standards.

In these pages you’ll learn about how no smoking signage got started, what your facility’s needs might be, and how these signs have evolved in recent years.

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